Government incentives to buy land and build new homes has sent demand for land skyrocketing, according to Perth land developers.

“We are only weeks in from the state and federal governments’ stimulus announcement and the response has been significant,” Monument parent company M/Group Director John Wroth said. “So much so, that we expect to sell our current stock across all projects within a month.

“This is absolutely monumental. People are quickly responding to the prospect of up to almost $70,000 in incentives. Those who previously could only budget for outer-fringe areas might now be able to afford the more desirable land close to the city such as Beeliar, Piara Waters and Treeby.”

“However, this is a finite window of opportunity and I would strongly encourage anyone looking to get a foothold in the more sought-after areas to act quickly before prices adjust to demand.”

Cuttone Property Group Managing Director Phil Cuttone has also witnessed a significant growth in interest.

“We are seeing a significant spike in sales with most developers having to now consider constructing more lots to bring on new stock as quickly as possible before the December 31 grants deadline,” he said.

“The next three to four months should see titled stock being depleted across all urban areas around Perth, especially in affordable first homebuyer areas.”

“Lifestyle areas such as North Dandalup and West Pinjarra are also benefiting from land uptake where a significant increase of sales is evident.”

While this current period may be welcomed by developers, the future of the land market is dependent on a number of factors, from employment and migration growth to affordability, according to Mr Cuttone.

“Once we can look beyond the COVID-19 implications, the outlook may be positive in Western Australia compared to the eastern states, where the land prices have been at artificial highs compared to Perth which has experienced the opposite,” he said.

“I have an optimistic view of the recovery in the Perth land market for the future, anticipating that land prices will be steady for the next few years after the end of the grants, given that there is an oversupply of affordable land coming onto the market in the future.”

Mr Wroth said while land stock was being quickly bought up, buyers were spoilt for choice.

“Land buyers are certainly not starved for choice with four corridors of development and some very attractive infill land sites on the table,” he said.

“The market shake-up could have some impact on zoning, with some high-density zoned sites possibly changing to direct land subdivision.”

“However, this will all be dependent on the state and federal governments’ ability to maintain demand and stimulate the economy through the job creation, migration and improved relations with our South East Asian neighbours.”

“It is important to recognise that the property market is strong aligned to a good economy.”

The land market has been performing well recently, according to REIWA data witnessing 5049 sales for the year to March 2020, with a median price of $248,000 and 5.1 per cent change in prices for the year.

Piara Waters and Baldivis we two hotspots for land sales, witnessing 201 and 192 sales, respectively.

While the average days on the market for the land was 60, some areas like Bedford and Kinglsey witness an average of 299 and 329 days on the market, respectively.

Most areas of Perth have seen price increases, with Perth south eat witnessing a 7.1 per cent increase for the year, while the inner suburbs or Perth suffered and 10.1 per cent decrease.

Excerpt from The West Australian Property Report, 20 June 2020

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